Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Angels Flight Railway Los Angeles

Angels Flight Railway Los Angeles Angels Flight in downtown Los Angeles is called the "Shortest Railway in the World". The Los Angeles Incline Railway was built in 1901 by Col. J.W. Eddy to connect the downtown shopping district the residential district of Bunker Hill. Over the years Bunker Hill slowly became a run down section of town full of boarding houses and empty lots. An urban renewal project in the late 1960s converted Bunker Hill into office buildings and a senior citizen's condominium complex, called the Angelus Plaza. During that period Angels Flight was dismantled and put into storage. In 1995 the railway was rebuilt and opened to serve office workers and torusits. Unfortunately in 2001 an accident killed one person and injured seven and closed Angels Flight. Since the accident the two historic cars, Olivet and Sinai, have been completely rebuilt and are in storage off site. The Station House and Arch exteriors have been restored. The Shortest Railway in the World is ready to resume passenger service and awaiting approval from government agencies to reopen. What the project really needs is the mayor of Los Angeles to get off his butt and put some pressure on so this LA landmark can reopen. Angels Flight is located at the corner or 4th and Hill streets in Downtown Los Angeles. To get there by car: Take the Harbor Freeway (110), exit 4th St, head east until Hill Street. Parking lots and structures are located nearby. By Metro Rail: Take the Metro Red Line to the Pershing Square station, exit at the 4th street end. By Metro Bus: Take the 1, 2, 3, 4, 10, 11, 48 and 304 lines into Downtown L.A. Get off at 3rd St.