Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve

California Poppy Rese It is now full season for California Poppy viewing. The season should last until at mid-May, with the flowers peaking over the next week or so. Most of the poppies are blooming on the south sides of the hills, but the north slopes have more of a variety of flowers such as owl's clover, forget-me-nots, wild onion, silver puffs, and red maids among poppies and goldfields. Now is a great time to head out to the Antelope Valley see this spectacular California flower show. There are a few things to remember for you enter the Poppy reserve: stay on the trail, Do NOT pick the wildflowers everything is protected and thre are high numbers of the Mojave Green rattlesnakes so watch where you step. This State Reserve, nestled in the Antelope Buttes 15 miles west of Lancaster, California, is located on California's most consistent poppy-bearing land. The reserve is a natural area, where only DAY USE (hiking and picnicking) is allowed. No dogs are allowed.
The Reserve is located 15 miles west of Lancaster at 15101 Lancaster Road.
From Highway 14: Take the Avenue I exit and head west 15 miles. Avenue I becomes Lancaster Road.
From I-5: Take Hwy 138 east and turn right on 170th Street West. Make a left at the end, onto Lancaster Road. Follow the road two miles.
Latitude/Longitude: 34º40.661 N, 117º49.645 W