Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Westfield Horton Plaza San Diego

Westfield Horton Plaza San Diego Located in downtown San Diego the Westfield Horton Plaza is an amazing shopping mall. Five floors of stores and restaurants right in the heart of the city. Take the stairs to the top floor and you are treated to vistas of the San Diego Skyline. One whole level is dedicated to eating and people watching. The other levels contain smaller stores mixed in with large retailers.
Westfield Horton Plaza San Diego view of downtown During the day the mall is filled with office workers. At night, you get a younger crowd for shopping before they head to the Gaslamp Quarter for dining and entertainment.Westfield Horton Plaza San Diego Shops Address: 324 Horton Plaza (between Broadway and G Street, and First and Fourth Avenues), San Diego. If you have a Go San Diego Card
card you get a complimentary VIP passport to Savings book.