Saturday, August 16, 2008

Randsburg California - Nearly a Ghost Town

Randsburg California
Randsburg is located on the western Mojave Desert, near the El Paso Mountains and not far from Red Rock Canyon State Park. It's high desert- - around 3,500 feet. With nearby Red Mountain (formerly known as Osdick) and Johannesburg, Randsburg is a must-see for anyone interested in prospecting or the Mojave's fascinating history. The area is not only famous for mining gold, but also for mining silver and tungsten. The area surrounding Randsburg is popular with off roaders and you might even stuble upon an old prospector out in the hills. in town there is a museum, open only on weekends. The general store has a malt shop and it's about the best place in town to eat. If your heading up state highway 14 to the Owens Valley, Randsburg makes and interesting stop on your journey.