Thursday, December 11, 2008

Winter Means Whale Watching in Southern California

Southern California has year round whale watching but things really kick into high gear with the gray whale migration down the pacific coast. Gray Whales can been seen mid-December through March with January being the peak month. Most of Southern California's harbors offer whale watching boats. Pricing can vary but expect to pay about 25 to 30 dollars for a two hour whale watching trip. During peak season it's possible to view whales from land using binoculars. Point Loma in San Diego and Point Dume north of Los Angeles are both excellent places for land viewing of whales. Still your best chance to see whales is with of one of the Southern California whale watching boats. A few of the tours offer guaranteed sightings but if you look at fine print it includes whale or dolphin sightings. Even if you don't see a whale it's fun to get out on the boat and check out the coastline from off shore. Listing of So Cal whale watching boats.