Sunday, March 08, 2009

California State Parks Camping

Beach Camping
The state of California maintains over 480 campgrounds most of which are open year round. Campsite locations range from beach front to mountain high. You can stay close to civilization of enjoy a total escape out in the middle of nowhere. Reservations for camping at California state parks can be made up to seven months in advance. For some of the most popular places, reserving a spot is an absolute must. Average rates run about $35.00 Per Night, $245.00 Per Week. It is almost impossible to find a hotel in California at these prices ( at least one you would want to stay in). Of course you will need an recreation vehicle of tent, but camping is still a bargain. No RV, then you can rent one and still be saving money over an expensive hotel. Here is a complete list of all 480 California State Campgrounds.