Friday, May 08, 2009

California's Great America Theme Park

California's Great America Theme Park California's Great America Theme Park is located in Santa Clara about an hours drive from San Francisco. Great America is the biggest amusement park in Northen California. Other amusement parks that operate around the San Francisco Bay Area are Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo, the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk in Santa Cruz, and Gilroy Gardens in Gilroy. California's Great America is the only theme park in northern California that has a water park built California's Great America Theme Park operating season runs March through November.
Rides and Attractions
The Demon. Built by Arrow Dynamics, the Demon is the park's oldest roller coaster, opening with the park in 1976 and originally named Turn of the Century.
Flight Deck. A B&M built Inverted roller coaster, Flight Deck is Northern California's longest Inverted coaster. Formerly known as Top Gun.
Invertigo. A Vekoma Invertigo shuttle coaster, Invertigo was North America's first inverted face-to-face roller coaster. Also California's frst Bommerang coaster
Vortex. A B&M Stand-Up roller coaster, Vortex is Northern California's only stand-up coaster.
Drop Tower: Scream Zone. A Giant Drop model drop tower (2nd generation Intamin freefall ride).
Carousel Columbia. A Double decker carousel, is one of the world's tallest carousels, along with the clone at Six Flags Great America.
Survivor: The Ride!. A Zamperla Disk-O.
Action Theater. A motion simulator attraction featuring SpongeBob SquarePants in 3D. Formerly known as Days of Thunder
Grizzly. A wooden roller coaster.
The Orbit. An Schwarzkopf Enterprise (ride). The Orbit Re-opened in 2007.
Centrifuge. An Schwarzkopf Calypso, formerly known as Fiddler's Fling.
Berserker. An Schwarzkopf Bayern Kurve.
H.M.B. Endeavor. An Intamin Space Shuttle/Looping Starship, formerly known as The Revolution.
Whitewater Falls. A Shoot-the-Chutes.
Flying Eagles. A Larson Flying Scooters.
Delirium. A Chance Revolution.
Xtreme Skyflyer. 170 ft (52 m) tall skycoaster flying 17 stories at 60 mph (97 km/h). Upcharge attraction.
Psycho Mouse. An Arrow Wild Mouse.
Delta Flyer/Eagle's Flight. A Von Roll skyride transporting guests from one side of the park to the other.
Loggers Run. An Arrow Flume Ride.
Celebration Swings. A Zierer Wave Swinger.
Rip Roaring Rapids. An Intamin River rafting ride.
Barney Oldfield Speedway. Classic style car ride for everyone of all ages.
Nickelodeon Central. Nickelodeon themed area based on the popular Television channel. Rides include Rugrats Runaway Reptar Family Coaster, Wild Thornberry's Rain Maze, Treetop Look Out, Comvee, and SpongeBob Boat Mobiles and more.
KidZville. Kids themed area.
FireFall. Relocated Huss Top Spin, Texas Twister, from Geauga Lake. The ride officially opened May 17, 2008. The ride also contains water, fire, and fog effects to enhance the ride experience.
Star Tower. An observation tower, Star Tower was formerly Sky Tower.
Rue Le Dodge. Bumper cars.
Thunder Raceway. Go-karts. Upcharge attraction.
California's Great America Theme Park