Friday, August 14, 2009

John's Incredible Pizza Review Buena Park Ca

Cheap pizza and expensive games. John's Incredible Pizza just opened a new location in the Buena Park mall and we went for a look see. John's Pizza takes up almost the entire bottom level of the Buena Park Mall which is good for the mall because half the stores are empty. The Pizza place has its own entrance so it will probably not to much to increase traffic to the mall. John's Incredible Pizza is a clean well laid out operation with all you can eat pizza, salads and deserts. John's is divided into two areas, food buffet and a huge game area. Branching off from the food section are different theme rooms where you can sit down to eat. They also sell beer and wine if you are so inclined.
Food: The pizza is OK with lots of choices but the crust tastes like the 5 buck pizza from Little Caesars. Salad bar has plenty of choices but the day we visited some items we not so fresh. Most people were piling on the salad dressing so I doubt they even tasted the greens. Deserts were were good and I'm sure kids will make several trips to the desert bar. Over all you get a lot of food for your ten bucks even though its not the best tasting you will ever eat. There were lots of overweight people carrying huge plates of food and this is not how John's Incredible Pizza makes its money. They are lucky if they break even on the food.
Games: John's Incredible Pizza has a huge game area with full size rides, plus bowling and bumper cars. This is one of the places they get their money back they lost on the food. To play the games you buy .25 cent credits and apply them to your Fun Card. Rides cost ten credits games less. When you win at a game you get tickets which you can trade in for toys and novelties. Bottom line is you end up paying twenty bucks for a toy you could buy at Walmart for a dollar.
Birthday Parties: This is the big money maker for the John. There are eleven party rooms at John's Incredible Pizza in Buena Park all lined up like a party factory. The most prominent feature of each room is the clock on the wall where you time your 1 hour and 45 minutes party time. Party Packages are for groups of 12 or more starting at $12.99 per guest. With this you get 20 credits per guest for the games. This will last the kids about five minutes and then they will be after mom or dad for more credits. If you looking for a cookie cutter kids party then John's Incredible Pizza is for you.
Conclusion: John's Incredible Pizza is clean and efficient operation. If your looking for a place to gorge yourself on food for only ten bucks this is the place. Food is just OK but for ten dollars its a deal. Game room great for kids, not so good for parents who end up paying top dollar for dollar store items. Parties, well this is a party factory nothing more, if you want a unique kids birthday party then keep looking.