Monday, January 11, 2010

The Amazing Los Angeles Race Sightseeing Tour

The Amazing Los Angeles Race Sightseeing Tour is part sightseeing tour, part game and part scavenger hunt. This is how it works - participants form teams of two to eight people. All teams meet at the starting line – a famous Hollywood landmark – where they receive their first clue. The solution to the clue leads to a new location and a new clue, and so on. The team that solves all the clues and crosses the finish line in the least amount of time is crowned the winner. Along the way, players experience some of the most popular sights in Los Angeles, as well as some hidden gems. But unlike the passive guests on all other tours, Amazing LA Race participants get to interact with the sights, not just see them. The day ends with a finish-line awards ceremony, where prizes are given to top finishers, and all players receive complimentary beverages and snacks. This years Race is taking place this weekend Saturday and Sunday January 17 and January 18. If you ever wanted to see Hollywood and downtown Los Angeles this is the perfect event to do so. Amazing Los Angeles Race More Information and Reviews