Saturday, March 27, 2010

Los Angeles Food Tours

Food tours have become very popular due to the abundance of food shows on cable TV. Food tours allow you live and expirence what you watch on the travel channel. Los Angeles has several food tour operators guiding guest on gastronomic treks through local ethnic neighborhoods.  Melting Pot  and Six Taste are the two most popular food tour operators. Melting Pot offers two tours in  the Los Angeles area: The Farmers Market & W. 3rd Street Food Tasting Tour and The  Old Pasadena Food Tasting Tour. Rapidly expanding Six Taste offers offers four LA food tours: Little Tokyo, San Gabriel Valley Chinatown, Los Angeles' financial district and Los Angeles's Thai Town. Food tours are usually walking tours and last about three hours. These tours are let you see the sights of Los Angeles plus taste some mouth watering food while your at it.
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