Wednesday, December 15, 2010

California Bullet Trains

If your a tourist visiting Anaheim and would like to take a side trip to San Francisco about your only option is to take a plane. Sure you could rent a car but the 600 mile drive is going to take at least one day of your precious vacation time, and then their is parking and traffic to deal with. Imagine hopping on a high speed train and three hours later stepping off in downtown San Francisco. It would even be possible to take a day trip to San Francisco from Anaheim. unfortunately California bullet trains will not be running any time soon. Construction is scheduled to begin on the first leg of the route in the central valley in 2010 with connecting sections being built as funds become available. If the entire bullet train system is built locals and out of state visitors will have a whole new way to visit destinations in the Golden State. Until that day arrives California has many local trains to enjoy.