Thursday, March 24, 2011

Walt Disney Museum San Francisco April Events

April events Walt Disney Family Museum the Presidio of San Francisco

April 9 – Exploring the Gardens of Wonderland: An Illustrated Talk by Horticulturist Robert Hornback with Disney historian Paula Sigman Lowery
Follow horticulturist Bob Hornback through the Gardens of Wonderland and learn about the Queen of Hearts, her roses and The Garden of Live Flowers. Disney historian Paula Sigman Lowery will provide little known information about the Disney classic adapted from Lewis Carroll’s book. A screening of the movie will follow the program. Don’t be late! For more information on the program, visit


DISNEY DISCOVERIES: Saturday, April 9 + Sunday, April 17
1:00 pm – 3:00 pm, Learning Center Art Studio

“One side will make you grow taller and the other side will make you grow shorter.” Use colorful paper, recycled materials, glitter and glue to make a tiny or oversized hanging wonderland garden of your own creation.

Imaginations and creativity will soar with our new Disney Discoveries! Join us for family fun and activities in the Learning Center. The activities planned by our education staff will inspire the hidden artist in young visitors while learning about the life and work of Walt Disney.


April 29 + 30 – Look Closer: The Mary Blair Paint Stand

3:00 pm, Lower Lobby

Mary Blair (1911-1978) was one of Walt Disney’s most brilliant conceptual designers, helping define the look of such classics as Cinderella (1950), Alice in Wonderland (1951), and Peter Pan (1953). She also brought her distinctive, colorful style to children’s books, advertisements, theatrical set designs, and theme park attractions, including “It’s A Small World,” and the deceptively naive style of her commercial artwork belied great visual sophistication in everything from color choices to composition. Mary’s colorful Paint Stand is located in the Lower Lobby of our Museum.

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