Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Los Angeles Travel & Adventure Show Fiery Foods Challenge

Los Angeles Travel & Adventure Show (Long Beach) will be hosting The International Fiery Foods Challenge. This event brings together local chefs representing destinations found at the show. From familiar cuisine to the exotic, all dishes will have a delightful kick. The demonstrated foods are Frikadelle (a sort of German meatball), Spicy Tequila Marinated Prawns, Rendang Padang (Indonesian Caramelized Beef Curry), and Medjool Dates with chorizo, mascarpone and Tunisian harissa (a chili sauce).

 Participating chefs are Kai Loebach of CurryWurst, Amir Thomas of Duo Dishes, SriAdriani 'Jenny' Martono of Indonesia Tourism, and Tracey Augustine of Cashmere Bites. After tasting, guests can vote for their favorites and take home the recipes to recreate them.

The Mark DeCarlo Interactive Cooking Class and Competition will follow the Fiery Foods Challenge. Three lucky audience members will be picked from a drawing to prove their kitchen skills right on the spot, recreating a dish of Mark’s choosing. The audience will vote for the best cook, who will win an all-inclusive Yucatan vacation.

The Culinary Stage has good eats for Sunday’s show-goers as well. The Taiwan Tourism Bureau will hold a “Taiwan Popcorn Chicken” demonstration with Chef Frances Lee of the Mighty Boba Truck. Then, Ventura based Chef Jason Collis will host “Farm to Table—Luscious Lemon and Avocado Taste Sensations from 120-year-old, Sustainable Limoneira Ranch.” And, see a top Herradura Tequila ambassador demonstrate Tequila pairing tips.

 Following this demo, attendees can meet the brand ambassador and taste samples at the Herradura Tequila bar next to the Los Angeles magazine booth. Also not to be missed is “Travel for Foodies – Tips, Trends, and Tools for the Culinary Traveler,” with food and travel experts Michael Cervin, Linda Kissam, Dr. Kathy Gruver, and Chef Allan Cragg.