Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Battle of the Dance Anaheim Discount Tickets

Battle of the Dance is new dinner show minutes from the Disneyland Resort district. Battle of the Dance is a musical show that re-enacts the legend of a Spanish Armada landing in Ireland. Flamenco style dancers compete against traditional Celtic dancers in a musical extravaganza. Along with the main characters guest enjoy a pre-show and a variety of acts including comedy, magic and live music.

Battle of the Dance show begins with a brief narration of an old legend. In the year 1588 the remnants of the once-mighty Spanish Armada foundered on the eastern coast of Ireland. The captive Spanish eventually joined their blood, their culture and their passion for dance in the styles that we see on the stage at Battle of the Dance. Spanish Flamenco scintillates with passion and style.
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