Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Oxnard Day Trip

Oxnard attracts many visitors with it sweeping agricultural pastures, majestic ocean views, and cool Pacific breezes. It’s a unique blend of maritime adventure and natural resources are nestled together in a 36 square mile ecological tapestry know as much as for being the strawberry and lima bean capital of California, as it the gateway to the Channel Islands that are located just 11 miles off its sandy shoreline.

Although Oxnard retains the charm of a small rural town, the city has plenty of activities for visitors.

Centennial Plaza, on B Street beside Plaza Park is at the center of Oxnard’s vibrant downtown area, ands is always bursting with activity. The area boasts its own arts district, high-tech cinema, and over 40 intercontinental dining options including the best seafood around. More about Oxnard California.