Wednesday, August 22, 2012

California Outlet Malls Back to School Shopping

California has 20 major outlets malls split between Northern and Southern California.  Most of them average around 40 factory stores however there area couple of mega outlet malls with over 160 stores, one in the  North and one South.

Outlet Mall shopping can be a trick business, it may seem like your getting a deal but if your not a savvy shopper you may up paying full retail. Mixed in with the standard merchandise are some slightly damaged and older items that you can really save money on.

Sales are the norm at outlet malls there is always one going on so just about any time of the year is a good time to go. Shop carefully, keep within your budget and you are going to save. This list covers most of the California outlet malls, a few of the smaller or struggling outlets have been left out.

San Francisco Bay Area Outlet Malls:

Central California Outlet Malls:
Southern California Outlet Malls: