Monday, August 20, 2012

Lava Beds National Monument Lava Tubes & Hiking Trails

Lava Beds National Monument
You don't need to flay to Hawaii to see lave tubes we have plenty of there right here in California. Lava Beds National Monument is located  in a remote corner of the golden state, and it takes some effort to get there; however, it is worth the trip.

One of the attractions of Lava Beds the dozens of developed caves. These caves are the remnants of streams of underground lava that pushed through subsurface. After the lava exited, it left behind long tube-like caves.

 Lava Beds National Monument actually has the largest concentration of lava tubes in the United States.
There are 12 hiking trails at Lava Beds National Monument. Trails range from about a half-mile in length to nearly ten miles, so there is a trail for just about everyone.

Trails pass through points of historical events and features and also geologically interesting places. Pets and bicycles are not allowed on the trails. Make sure to take water with you and be ready for changeable weather conditions.

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