Saturday, August 11, 2012

Nimbus Fish Hatchery Sacramento Day Trip

American River
If your looking for a nice day trip from Sacramento day trip then pack up the family and head to the Nimbus Fish Hatchery. The drive is only twenty miles from downtown and should only take about 45 monutes.

Once you arrive at the fish hatchery situated on the banks of the American River head to the visitors center and check out the displays about the  unique world of salmon and steel head that inhabit the river.

Next door on either side of the visitor center, there are also two fish pens, that have graduating sizes of hatchlings and fish that you can feed.

A concrete ramp leads down to the river and former dam site from there, and is a good place to critter watch, occasionally catching a rare glimpse of a river otter sitting on a rock eating a fish or playfully performing for passerby's.
A pathway runs along this part of the river and t is part of the American River Bike TrailDirections and more information Nimbus Fish Hatchery.