Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Save The Mendocino County Skunk Train

Skunk Train Tunnel Cave In
A huge tunnel collapse has halted operation of the world famous Skunk Train. The April collapse  Tunnel No. 1 will cost an estimated  $300,000 to repair.

The tunnel is over 1000  feet long and is 3 miles from the  Fort Bragg train Station

Most of the railroad's equipment is trapped in Fort Bragg so no trains can run out of Willits, even though the tracks to the east of the blockage are fine.

The economic impact of  losing the Skunk Train on Mendocino County is huge as many of the areas visitors plan on riding the train. The cave in could not of happened at a worst time with the busy summer season on weeks away.

ThisSkunk Train  has launched a Save Our Skunk campaign at In its first 3 days nearly 100 donors had provided $13,050. For those donating $300 and above, the Skunk train is offering free rides through the end of the 2014 season and a number of other perks.

For $25.00 contributions  the railroad is offering to send keychains, $50.00 you get a piece of rock from the tunnel and $100.00 you get a hard hat.