Friday, December 25, 2009

Enchanto Amusement Park Lost But not Forgotten

Peter Strauss Ranch
Enchanto Amusement Park was located in Agoura California in what is now known as the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area. Operating from about 1930 to 1960 the theme park boasted a huge swimming pool, a fishing and boating lake plus numerous amusement park rides.Today the property is called Peter Strauss Ranch and run by the National Park Service. All the rides are gone and the lake is no more, the theme park could not compete with Disneyland to the south and plans for a major renovations never came through. About the only remaining structure is the bath house for the massive swimming pool. Mulholland Highway passes by what was once the theme park and you can stop in at Peter Strauss Ranch which has free parking and admission. This area of the Santa Monica Mountains is a wonderful place to visit with many interesting things to do and see. Read more about Enchanto Amusement Park.