Saturday, April 10, 2010

Paradise Cove Malibu Info and Directions

Paradise Beach Cove Malibu
Paradise Cove had its humble beginnings as a private family retreat along the Malibu coast of Southern California. Up until the 1960s the cove was used as a RV campground. Development of the property into a mobile home community brought in permanent residents along with film crews shooting movies and commercials. Paradise Cove is accessible to the public and visitors can enjoy one of the most scenic beaches in California. Paradise Cove also has its own restaurant, Paradise Beach Cafe (formerly Sand Castle) serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. Parking for Paradise Cove is an expensive $25.00 for the day however if you dine at the Paradise Beach Cafe they give you a parking voucher and it only cost $3.00. Paradise Cove is an interesting side trip as you travel down Pacific Coast Highway along the Malibu Coast. Paradise Cove Malibu Info and Directions