Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Southern California Halloween Haunts and Scary Events

Halloween in Southern California is celebrated by most amusement parks and attractions. Events range from family friendly to down right scary. The biggest and best is still Knott's Scary Farm. Over 1000 monsters roam the park at night and do their best to scare the hell out of you. With the success of Knott's the other them parks have all come out with there own versions of fright night. Not all the haunts are scary some are mild and let younger kids enjoy Halloween in a safe and friendly environment. Here is a list of Halloween events in Southern California form mild to wild. included are some links for discount tickets.

Knott's Scary Farm Haunt. The world's first and largest theme park Halloween event is back for a 37th year, with 13 terrifying mazes (including such all-new attractions as Uncle Bobo's Big Top of the Bizarre and Dia de los Muertos in 3D), 7 live shows, 3 horrific scare zones and 1,000 monsters roaming the grounds.Save $23.00 on Knott's Scary Farm Haunt

The Empty Grave Haunted House at The Anaheim GardenWalk - Haunted House is a themed Halloween attraction featuring state of the art special effects, live actors and animatronics. Completely redesigned for 2009, The Empty Grave promises over 50,000 square feet of terror. Empty Grave Haunted House $10.00 off admission

Universal Studios Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights -
The most horrifying movies have come to life at Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights. For the first time ever, you’ll take on the infamous traps from Saw in an all-new maze. And if you survive, you’ll face Michael Myers from Halloween and the masked miner from My Bloody Valentine. If you’re still standing after that, check out the Bill and Ted Show, all new for 2009. Then experience a tribute to the cult phenomenon, The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Universal Studios Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights $10.00 off admission

Old Town Haunted House Matinee for Kids Pasadena - Descend into the basement of the historical Union Savings Bank Building, where mysterious occurrences have taken place in the building's spooky110-year history. In fact, something lives down there in the dark....not someone, but something. This is a lights on, kid friendly, tour and walk through of the normally terrifying Old Town Haunt. Old Town Haunted House Matinee for Kids save $5.00

Old Town Haunt: The Award Winning Haunted House Adults Pasadena - Award-winning walk-through attraction, guests can explore the haunted history of Pasadena, including the basement of one of the oldest buildings in Old Town that has its own spooky past. The haunted house will be filled with sets and props from movies and TV shows, including Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Old Town Haunted House Aave $10.00

Queen Mary Shipwreck 15 Nights of Terror -FiveTerrifying Mazes.
Vampire Village: This haunted village dates back long ago, with twists and turns and fog below. Located to the north of the Shipwrecked Queen, some villagers have been known to scream. Alas, have no fear, for there are friendly Transylvanians near.
The Graveyard: The Un-dead have awoke from a long blissful sleep, to chase those whose footsteps will not give them peace. Tread lightly if you dare, and are so bold, for from out of the fog may pop-out something cold!
Isolation ward There is no escaping this straight jacket of a maze, patients may enter and exit in a haze. Handle them with care with good bedside manner, or be forced to answer to the dreaded Nurse Slasher!
Blackbeard's Revenge (Pirate Maze): Angered Pirate Spirits haunt the sea, from years of trying to overthrow the Queen Mary. This maze will delight the scurviest of mates, with a dozen or so Pirates that will give chase.
Paranoia's House of Horror: Take a trip down memory lane, where Classic Haunted Characters are ready to bring the pain! Thru the dark depths of the ships bowels you will be, restrooms are nearby if you need to pee. So run, hide, scream all you want, nothing will stop these Masters of Haunt. Price: General Admission - $29 Per Mortal. ($19 Preview Nights on October 2 & 3)

Six Flags Magic Mountain unveils Fright Fest Six Flags Magic Mountain Valencia amusement park brings back some traditional Halloween treats, including coasters in the dark, a Mr. Six dance party and my all-time favorite: Colossus backwards. Fright Fest 2009 runs Fridays through Sundays in October at Six Flags Magic Mountain (except for Friday, Oct. 2). The Halloween event is included in the price of general admission to the park. Save $20.00 off Six Flags Magic Mountain Tickets

Monday, September 28, 2009

San Simeon State Park Camping

San Simeon State Park
San Simeon State Park is the most affordable place to stay near Hearst Castle. During the summer reservations are a good idea. From October 1st through the middle of March campsites are first come first serve. There is a self pay system where you mark your camping spot number on an envelope and deposit it in a box along with the fee. There are two campgrounds here San Simeon Creek Campground and Washburn Primitive Campground. If your on a budget camping is a great way to cut down on expenses. However if you don't have your own RV staying at a hotel might end up being cheaper when you add in the cost of gas plus your rental fees on the RV. Here is a list of places to camp along the California central coast San Simeon State Park is located 35 miles north of San Luis Obispo on Highway 1, and 5 miles south of the Hearst San Simeon State Historical Monument Visitor Center. The community of Cambria is located 2 miles to the South and offers gas stations and grocery stores. close to: San Simeon

Friday, September 25, 2009

The Old Place Restaurant Mulholland Hwy

The Old Place Restaurant has been serving up Steamed Clams and steaks for the last forty years. As a matter of fact these were the only two items on the menu until just a few weeks ago. Tom Runyon and his wife ran the small out of the way eatery up until Tom's passing on July 17th, 2009. Celebrity's and locals visited the Old Place Restaurant and kept the Runyon's busy cooking dinners on the open pit grill in the kitchen. The Old Place Restaurant is not your run of the mill diner it looks more like a western saloon and at max only sits 40 people. After Toms passing, who was also the cook, son Morgan Runyon took over the family business. With the help of Tim Skogstrom who runs the Cornell Winery & Tasting Room on the same property the new Old Place Restaurant reopened on September 3rd. Not much has changed the place still looks like a western saloon but the menu has expanded from the original two items. Everything is still cooked over red oak in the kitchen open pit grill and the food is just as good as ever. Here is the new menu for the Old Place.
Steamed Clams $17.00
Cheese and cured meat plate $14.00
Beans w/Pork Loin and Prociutto $6.00
Grilled garden plate $8.00
Noodle & Cheese bake $6.00
Oak grilled Corn on the cob cut in fours $4.00
Creamed Corn $3.00
Oak grilled Black Angus Sirloin $19.00
Served with mixed green salad and baked potato
Wild Rosemary Pale Ale Chicken $18.00
Served with mixed green salad and baked potato
Oak Grilled Columbia River Salmon w/ Ruby Red Honey Glaze $24.00
Served with a crispy potato & vegetable medley in a poached cabbage purse
Old Place Beef Stew $14.00
Served with mashed potato
Grilled Vegetable Salad $12.00
Served with an emulsified olive oil & citrus dressing
Add pulled oak grilled chicken $3.00 / oak grilled steak $4.00
Blueberry cobbler with citrus whipped cream $8.00
Beer & Wine
Draft Sierra Nevada Pale Ale $5.00
Draft Anchor Steam $5.00
Heineken $5.00 Corona / Lt. $5.00 Draft
Miller High Life $4.00 Olympia Beer Can $3.50
Mike’s Hard Lemonade $2.00
Malibu Valley Vineyards
$6.00 glass $28.00 bottle
Chardonnay / Syrah / Meritage “blend of Cabernet, Merlot and Cabernet Franc”
Corkage $20
Buy it next door at Cornell Winery and the corkage is $5.00
We feature retro sodas that only use natural cane sugar $2.00
Mexican Coca Cola / Bubble Up “Lemon Lime” / Dad’s Root beer / Martinelli apple juice.
The Old Town restaurant is small only has 5 booths, reservations for 4 or more at each booth so call in advance if you want one. Seating is about 40 people when full between the bar and the booths. Cash only for now credit cards coming soon.
The Old Place / 29983 Mulholland Hwy /
Cornell (aka Agoura) / 91301

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Pirates Dinner Adventure Buena Park Discount Tickets - Online Special Save $22.00

Pirates Dinner Adventure Buena Park
Here a great deal on Pirates Dinner Adventure tickets Buena Park. These tickets are can only be purcahsed online and are print at home. Pirates Dinner Adventure Adult at Kid's Price valid through September 30, 2009. Save $22.00 for every adult ticket you buy. If you have ever wanted to see this spectacular show in Buena Park there has never been a better time. Pirates Dinner Adventure Adventure features an authentically replicated 18th-century Spanish galleon measuring 46 feet long, 18 feet wide with 40-foot masts is anchored in a 250,000-gallon indoor lagoon with night sky lighting. Surrounding the lagoon is a six-sided showroom of six additional “ships” where the audience is seated. Voyagers on each of the six “ships” have their own fearless pirate “mascot” whom they cheer on as the adventure unfolds with a cast of a dozen actors, singers and stunt performers engaging in a bounty of action-packed exploits, accompanied by cannon blasts, pyrotechnics and a liberal dose of wit and wizardry. Buy your discount Pirates Dinner Adventure now.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fisherman's Wharf Pass

On your next trip to Fisherman's Wharf consider getting a Fisherman's Wharf Pass. These discount passes include every attraction you will want to see at the Wharf. This is how it works. Go to any of the tours, cruises or attractions available through Wharf Pass. Present your Wharf Pass. Agent will remove the admit coupon from your Wharf Pass and let you in. Wharf Pass also includes valuable discount coupons for dining, tours, and shopping

Save Money: If you purchased all the attractions and tours separately, you would pay significantly more than the price of Wharf Pass. Easy Schedule: With two days to use the Wharf Pass, you determine what you see and when. And each family member can pick the attractions they want to visit with their own Wharf Pass.

The 15 tours, cruises, and attractions available with the Wharf Pass include the visitor's choice of:

The Fisherman's Wharf Pass includes your choice of a Hop On Hop Off City Tour aboard an Open Top Double Decker Bus OR a Gray Line Motorized Cable Car. OR a Ride the Ducks Tour
Also included is a 1 Hour Bay Cruise aboard either the Red and White Fleet OR the Blue & Gold Fleet.

Wharf Pass includes admission to your choice of four Fisherman's Wharf attractions and activities:
Two Hour Bike Rental OR 1/2 Hour Go Car Rental OR Ride the Historic San Francisco Cable Cars
Wax Museum at Fisherman's Wharf, OR SS Jeremiah O'Brien Liberty Ship OR Turbo Ride at PIER 39
Aquarium of the Bay at PIER 39, OR USS Pampanito Submarine Tour.
Boudin at the Wharf Sourdough Bakery Museum and Tour, OR Players Arcade Game Tokens
Note: Each page of the Wharf Pass ticket book has a choice of 2 or 3 attractions/ Activities. Guest must choose one of the 2 or 3 attractions on the ticket page.
Other Wharf Pass Discounts Wharf Pass is so much more than a ticket to everything worth seeing at Fisherman's Wharf! It provides many additional discounts, as well. Eat for less at some of San Francisco's most memorable restaurants, save money when you shop at selected Wharf stores, and enjoy even more sightseeing tours at very special prices. Wharf Pass buys you more fun for less money!
Print at Home® ticket orders are available immediately and accessible via your confirmation email. Order Now

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Walt Disney Family Museum San Francisco

A little bit of Disneyland is moving to San Francisco in the way of the Walt Disney Family Museum. The new museum will be located at the Presidio and feature high-tech exhibits to illustrate the life of Walt Disney. About 350,000 annual visitors are expected to visit the new Walt Disney Family Museum. Admission is going to be on the steep side with adults $20 and children under 6 free.
The Walt Disney Family Museum presents the life and achievements of the
man who raised animation to an art, transformed the film industry, tirelessly
pursued innovation, and created a global and distinctly American legacy.
Museum Exhibits: The Museum will tell Disney’s story in his own words and those of hisfamily, friends, and co-workers. Using a mix of historic materials and artifacts, Disney’s achievements will come to life through innovative
displays that include listening stations, interactive media, and more than 200
video monitors. Much of the material is being generously lent by the Walt
Disney Company and private collectors.
Inside the museumaa:
Drawings Disney made in his youth
• Drawings and cartoons from Laugh-O-gram Films, Disney’s first company
• Early drawings of Mickey Mouse
• Storyboards, a Disney innovation that mapped out timeless film classics
• The technically innovative Multiplane Camera that brought vibrancy and depth to his revolutionary feature film,
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
• The unique Snow White Academy Award®, which included a full-size Oscar® and seven miniature castings
• The narrow-gauge Lilly Belle train he built for his Hollywood home, which recalled his youth and helped spur his
vision for Disneyland
• A model of the Disneyland of Walt’s imagination.
Tickets go on sale August 1, 2009 at www.waltdisney.org
The Walt Disney Family Museum
104 Montgomery Street
The Presidio of San Francisco
San Francisco, CA 94129

Monday, September 14, 2009

Celebrity Helicopter Tours Los Angeles

Celebrity Helicopter Tours
Want to see LA but don't want to fight traffic. Celebrity Helicopter Tours is your answer. See all the Los Angeles landmarks form above and leave the traffic mess below. Celebrity Helicopter Tours offers several different tours including beach cities, Hollywood Strip, movie stars homes plus romantic evening tours. Celebrity Helicopters is the ultimate Los Angeles tour. Perfect for tourists and locals looking for a unique way to see LA. Celebrity Helicopter Tours

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Directions to Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch

Directions to Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch
Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch is located near the Santa Barbara County town of Los Olivos, California. The 2500 acre ranch is strictly off limits to the public however you can drive out and see the entrance gate to the property. There is not a lot to see other than the gate so do not expect to drive around the estate. You can pull off the road and take a picture of you in front of the gate and wish you were a guest. There are plenty of other things to do nearby including wine tasting on Los Los Olivos. Directions to Neverland Ranch.

Santa Maria California Day Trip

Santa Maria is the fist true central coast town as you travel up the California coast from Los Angeles. Located in northern Santa Barbara County the Santa Maria Valley is a major agricultural area with an increasing number of vineyards and wineries. Santa Maria is also famous for its black-on-the-outside, pink-on-the-inside, grilled beef tri-tip steak Santa Maria style barbecue. Santa Maria's court hosted the trail of Michael Jackson trail in 2005 due to its location near the Neverland Ranch. Santa Maria has much more to offer to locals and visitors. Things to do on a Santa Maria Day Trip.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Avila Beach Central Coast

Avila Beach
Avila Beach has long been a popular beach destination for locals. The sleepy little central coast beach town was almost in a time capsule up until it was found that the town was sitting on a 400,000 gallon oil spill. In the 1990s just about all of the downtown are was dug up and the contaminated soil was replaced. Unfortunately most of the original building were destroyed in the process. Today Avila Beach is reborn and attracting locals and out of town visitors. New stores, restaurants and hotels are are full and kids are playing on the beach again. Its easy to pass by Avila Beach as you travel along highway 101 but its definitely worth a side trip to discover this little seaside town on San Luis Bay. Avila Beach

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Safari West Wildlife Preserve and African Tent Camp

Safari West Wildlife Preserve
How would you like to take an African safari tour without ever leaving California. Safari West Wildlife Preserve near Santa Rosa California makes it possible with three hour tours of its wildlife preserve. Climb aboard a real life safari truck and head out into the bush for wild animal spotting. The animals are not local but wild African beasts including cheetahs, zebra and giraffe. If your looking for even more adventure there safari tents for overnight camping. For a really unique day trip or weekend outing Safari West Wildlife Preserve is definitely worth checking out.

Friday, September 04, 2009

Cheap Things to do Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend is the traditional end of summer. Back to school and back to work starts on Tuesday so don't waste this weekend.

If you are on a tight budget there are plenty of places to go that are free or low cost. Even the major attractions are offering discounts trying to bring in visitors before school starts. Here is a list of free, low cost and discounted things to do on Labor Day weekend.

Griffith Park Observatory is one of Los Angeles most visited destinations. Free parking and admission.

Downtown Hollywood Los Angeles's most famous city is one of the first places visitors from around the world head. Free to walk around and if you don't mind a short walk there is free street parking.

Chinatown Los Angeles 16 square blocks of family-owned shops, ethnic restaurants and art galleries. The main street in Chinatown is Broadway.

Little Tokyo Los Angeles The cultural center for Japanese Americans in Southern California. Free to walk around and lots of low cost places to eat.

Getty Museum Center is a fun and educational place to spend the day and admission is free.
Old Town San Diego 32 restaurants, specialty shops, 27 historic buildings and sites. Admission is free.
Mission San Luis Rey "King of the Missions" is located a few miles inland from Oceanside California. Free admission with a small charge if you want to see the museum.

San Diego Gaslamp Quarter is the historic heart of downtown San Diego. The district is eight square blocks off shopping, sidewalk bars and restaurants, boutiques and small specialty shops.

Crystal Cove State Beach one of the most beautiful places in Southern California. There are three miles of pristine beach plus over 2000 acres of park inland from the beach. Beach is free parking 12.00 unless you bike in.

Attractions with discounts for Labor Day Weekend
Legoland California Buy One Day, Get the Second Day FREE or Save $15 on a 1 Day Hopper Ticket!

SeaWorld San Diego SeaWorld Single-Day Tickets only fifty dollars on week days

Six Flags California Magic Mountain Save $24.00 off gate price with print at home tickets.

Things to do Labor Day Weekend Southern California

Things to do Labor Day Weekend Northern and Central

Things to do Labor Day Weekend Las Vegas

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Museum Day Free Admission September 26, 2009

Hundreds of California museums and cultural venues across the state will offer free admission on Saturday, September 26, 2009. The list of participating venues is extensive with both northern and Southern California museums participating. Some of the biggest and best museums in the Golden State have signed up for free museum day. Mark your calendar so you don't miss this event. Here is a list museums offering free admission on September 26, 2009:

Agua Caliente Cultural Museum - Palm Springs
American Museum of Ceramic Art - Pomona
Bakersfield Museum of Art - Bakersfield
Bedford Gallery - Walnut Creek
Birch Aquarium at Scripps - La Jolla
Blackhawk Museum - Danville
Buena Vista Heritage Museum - Buena Vista
Butte County Pioneer Memorial Museum - Oroville
California Automobile Museum - Sacramento
California Center for the Arts, Escondido Museum - Escondido
California Science Center -Los Angeles
California State Railroad Museum - Sacramento
Cartoon Art Museum of California - San Francisco
Casa de la Guerra - Santa Barbara
Chabot Space & Science Center - Oakland
Charles Paddock Zoo - Atascadero
Children's Discovery Museum of the Desert - Rancho Mirage
Contemporary Jewish Museum - San Francisco
Coyote Point Museum for Environmental Education - San Mateo
Craft and Folk Art Museum - Los Angeles
Crocker Art Museum - Sacramento
Dr. Willella Howe-Waffle House and Medical Museum - Santa Ana
El Presidio de Santa Barbara State Historic Park - Santa Barbara
Elverhoj Museum of History & Art - Solvang
Escondido History Center - Escondido
Exploratorium - San Francisco
Fullerton Museum Center - Fullerton
Hiller Aviation Museum - San Carlos
Historic Mission San Juan Capistrano - San Juan Capistrano
Huntington Beach International Surfing Museum - Huntington Beach
J. Paul Getty Museum - Los Angeles
Japanese American National Museum - Los Angeles
Kern County Museum - Bakersfield
Lindsay Wildlife Museum - Walnut Creek
Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust - Los Angeles
Maidu Interpretive Center - Roseville
Mingei International Museum Escondido - Escondido
Monterey Museum of Art - Monterey
Morris Graves Museum of Art - Eureka
Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego - La Jolla and San Diego
Museum of Latin American Art - Long Beach
Museum of Making Music - Carlsbad
Museum of Neon Art - Los Angeles
Museum of San Diego History - San Diego
Museum of Ventura County - Ventura
Oceanside Museum of Art - Oceanside
Palos Verdes Art Center - Rancho Palos Verdes
Pasadena Museum of History - Pasadena
Point Arena Lighthouse - Point Arena
Point Fermin Lighthouse - San Pedro
Quail Botanical Gardens - Encinitas
Reuben H. Fleet Science Center - San Diego
Sacramento Zoo - Sacramento
San Bernardino County Museum - Redlands
San Diego Air & Space Museum - San Diego
San Diego Natural History Museum - San Diego
The J. Paul Getty Museum - Pacific Palisades
The Whaley House Museum - San Diego
University Art Museum - Santa Barbara
Watts Towers Arts Center - Los Angeles
Zeum: San Francisco's Children's Museum - San Francisco

For free admission you will need to download your Museum Day Admission Card visit www.smithsonian.com/museumday.