Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Southern California Halloween Haunts and Scary Events

Halloween in Southern California is celebrated by most amusement parks and attractions. Events range from family friendly to down right scary. The biggest and best is still Knott's Scary Farm. Over 1000 monsters roam the park at night and do their best to scare the hell out of you. With the success of Knott's the other them parks have all come out with there own versions of fright night. Not all the haunts are scary some are mild and let younger kids enjoy Halloween in a safe and friendly environment. Here is a list of Halloween events in Southern California form mild to wild. included are some links for discount tickets.

Knott's Scary Farm Haunt. The world's first and largest theme park Halloween event is back for a 37th year, with 13 terrifying mazes (including such all-new attractions as Uncle Bobo's Big Top of the Bizarre and Dia de los Muertos in 3D), 7 live shows, 3 horrific scare zones and 1,000 monsters roaming the grounds.Save $23.00 on Knott's Scary Farm Haunt

The Empty Grave Haunted House at The Anaheim GardenWalk - Haunted House is a themed Halloween attraction featuring state of the art special effects, live actors and animatronics. Completely redesigned for 2009, The Empty Grave promises over 50,000 square feet of terror. Empty Grave Haunted House $10.00 off admission

Universal Studios Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights -
The most horrifying movies have come to life at Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights. For the first time ever, you’ll take on the infamous traps from Saw in an all-new maze. And if you survive, you’ll face Michael Myers from Halloween and the masked miner from My Bloody Valentine. If you’re still standing after that, check out the Bill and Ted Show, all new for 2009. Then experience a tribute to the cult phenomenon, The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Universal Studios Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights $10.00 off admission

Old Town Haunted House Matinee for Kids Pasadena - Descend into the basement of the historical Union Savings Bank Building, where mysterious occurrences have taken place in the building's spooky110-year history. In fact, something lives down there in the dark....not someone, but something. This is a lights on, kid friendly, tour and walk through of the normally terrifying Old Town Haunt. Old Town Haunted House Matinee for Kids save $5.00

Old Town Haunt: The Award Winning Haunted House Adults Pasadena - Award-winning walk-through attraction, guests can explore the haunted history of Pasadena, including the basement of one of the oldest buildings in Old Town that has its own spooky past. The haunted house will be filled with sets and props from movies and TV shows, including Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Old Town Haunted House Aave $10.00

Queen Mary Shipwreck 15 Nights of Terror -FiveTerrifying Mazes.
Vampire Village: This haunted village dates back long ago, with twists and turns and fog below. Located to the north of the Shipwrecked Queen, some villagers have been known to scream. Alas, have no fear, for there are friendly Transylvanians near.
The Graveyard: The Un-dead have awoke from a long blissful sleep, to chase those whose footsteps will not give them peace. Tread lightly if you dare, and are so bold, for from out of the fog may pop-out something cold!
Isolation ward There is no escaping this straight jacket of a maze, patients may enter and exit in a haze. Handle them with care with good bedside manner, or be forced to answer to the dreaded Nurse Slasher!
Blackbeard's Revenge (Pirate Maze): Angered Pirate Spirits haunt the sea, from years of trying to overthrow the Queen Mary. This maze will delight the scurviest of mates, with a dozen or so Pirates that will give chase.
Paranoia's House of Horror: Take a trip down memory lane, where Classic Haunted Characters are ready to bring the pain! Thru the dark depths of the ships bowels you will be, restrooms are nearby if you need to pee. So run, hide, scream all you want, nothing will stop these Masters of Haunt. Price: General Admission - $29 Per Mortal. ($19 Preview Nights on October 2 & 3)

Six Flags Magic Mountain unveils Fright Fest Six Flags Magic Mountain Valencia amusement park brings back some traditional Halloween treats, including coasters in the dark, a Mr. Six dance party and my all-time favorite: Colossus backwards. Fright Fest 2009 runs Fridays through Sundays in October at Six Flags Magic Mountain (except for Friday, Oct. 2). The Halloween event is included in the price of general admission to the park. Save $20.00 off Six Flags Magic Mountain Tickets